Steeped In History

House of Fertility & Healing (HOFH) – & its previous incarnation – is the continuation of the first ever pregnancy acupuncture practice established in Sydney. When Sydney’s first dedicated pregnancy acupuncturist, the renowned Paddy McBride decided to return home to her New Zealand roots in 2002 she entrusted her thriving practice to Ngaio before leaving. Thanks to Paddy, pregnancy acupuncture had already become firmly established in the culture of birthing in Sydney. In 2009 this practice relocated to the wonderfully eclectic Newtown. Still today some of those original patients & family members continue to visit HOFH, Paddy’s legacy lives on.

Since 2017 we have been happily ensconced in fabulous art deco premises just down the road in Petersham (‘little Portugal’), still a boutique urban clinic dedicated to deep healing. We continue trying to operate in an environmentally-sustainable fashion (sadly we had to surrender solar panels, herb garden & rainwater tank in the latest move). And we remain just as passionate about our work as before. We have grown. There are 8 of us now, all with a special interest in your pregnancy. Kevin has stepped up to assist Ngaio in keeping the clinic running smoothly.


Acupuncture may help relieve uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms.


Helping to support you & your partner through IVF / ART with acupuncture.

Women’s Business

Treating symptoms of period pain and menopause.

The Vision

Ngaio’s vision of creating an accessible & professionally practitioner-run centre based upon the fundamental tenet of Chinese medicine which is about living in harmony with nature, a fecund space benefiting all those who enter, bore fruit in 2009 when she conceived gestated and finally birthed House of Fertility & Healing. Here, 7 days a week, a small team of practitioners work cohesively, inter-referring amongst each other and to allied and also western medical professionals and hospitals.

Fundamentally we use similar treatment protocols utilised by all the practitioners at the House as part of their own busy practices, ensuring continuity of care between the different clinicians.

House of Fertility & Healing has established itself as one of Sydney’s premier Acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine centres with a clinical focus on pregnancy and ivf fertility support.

We support life and try to keep it real in the process. We invite you to enter our door, allow us to usher you toward peak health, deeper relaxation, & increased ability to flow within the chaos of Sydney.

I am very proud to be working alongside the highly accomplished Kevin Redmond, the rock-steady Alice Yang & finally the long awaited Machelle Boothroyd has joined us after years of cajoling. Each of these practitioners contributes their own unique skills & style to the House. You can read all about each of us in Our Team.Ngaio

Our Team

Ngaio Richards

The originator of House of Fertility & Healing, Ngaio has been a practicing Acupuncturist for over 27yrs and a Chinese herbalist for 17yrs at last count. She has keen clinical interests in addressing pregnancy aches & pains with acupuncture, period pain and in acupuncture treatment of peri-menopausal & menopausal insomnia & hot flushes. Ngaio holds a Masters in Health Science (TCM), and a Diploma Applied Science (Ac), and is a Registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner.

Kevin Redmond

Kevin is a Registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner with the Chinese Medical Board of Australia and a Registered Nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. He holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from UTS and a Certificate in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing, China), Graduate Certificate in Renal and Transplant Nursing and a Graduate Certificate in Emergency and Trauma Nursing.

Alice Yang

Alice is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner with a skill set that includes
Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and moxibustion. She graduated from University of Technology Sydney with a degree in Applied Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has completed an internship at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, where she trained in several of the hospital wards, including dermatology, gynaecology, oncology, and musculo-skeletal wards.

Machelle Boothroyd

Machelle has an interest in all aspects of women’s health, working with women throughout their pregnancy and supporting individuals and couples for IVF acupuncture support. She often works with children and not a day goes by without a muscular skeletal treatment or relaxation treatment being needed.

Sylvie Perera

Sylvie has been in practice since 2006 firstly in the UK and now in Sydney. Since 2015 she has locumed for us here at the House of Fertility and Healing. Having been in practice for over a decade she’s adept at honing in on what’s important for you even if she’s not seen you before. 

Laelia Douglas-Brown

Laelia Douglas-Brown

Laelia is a fertility practitioner who uses Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to support people’s fertile health, at all life phases. For over seven years Laelia’s practise has increasingly centred around cycle support, fertility, IVF, pregnancy and postpartum health and targeting autoimmune and thyroid support.

Amy Zhong Chen

Amy Chen
With over 14 years of clinical practice, Amy has extensive experience in using hybrid methods for helping to manage symptoms associated with conditions involving all aspects of women’s health. She is also interested in using combinations of methods including scalp acupuncture, herbal medicine and moxa to work with people through the stresses of life and assisting with immune disorders.

Elizabeth d’Avigdor

Elizabeth d'Avigdor
Elizabeth has a keen interest in supporting people in their quest for good health. She is a Nutritionist, Herbalist and Naturopath who has been in continuous clinical practice since 1994. Her focus is on the traditional naturopathic principles of treating the whole person taking a wide view of all contributing factors, while keeping up to date with current research.

What We Do

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine for IVF Support, Pregnancy & Everyone’s Wellbeing.

  • Pregnancy Support
  • IVF Support
  • Women’s Business
  • General Acupuncture

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House of Fertility & Healing 35D New Canterbury Rd, Petersham, Sydney 2049

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House of Fertility & Healing, 35D New Canterbury Rd, Petersham, Sydney 2049.

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