Sydney’s 1st Holistic Fertility Program

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‘Unexplained’ Infertility?

For many people trying to fall pregnant has become virtually impossible and yet there seems to be no ‘real’ reason why this is the case.

Although the physical body may seem to be ready we also need to consider the status of our ‘energetic’ level as this is equally as crucial to healthy functioning. So if there is any stress in your life, or emotional trauma, personal issues, and difficult family dynamics, for example, these can also play a part in infertility.

Holistic Fertility Program

  • Are you and your partner physically healthy yet not able to conceive?
  • Have you tried various treatments (eg; IVF, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs) and are still not pregnant?

Martne editedIf you are suffering from any of the above stresses then you may wish to consider participating in our new Holistic Fertility Program.

Martine Negro has joined our team to offer a powerful program combining Acupressure, NLP, imagery & the Radiance Stress Management technique to explore, locate and clear energetic blockages that are interfering with your fertility. In combination with the skilled support of our Acupuncturists/Herbalists tending to your physical body, this is Sydney’s first truly Holistic Fertility Program – engaging your body/mind/system on all levels simultaneously.

The synergy of this approach allows the body/mind system to recover its usual function much faster than any single treatment alone.

How Does The Holistic Fertility Program Work?

The Holistic Fertility Program works by undertaking the following two steps:

  • Step 1: Work closely with Martine and complete her energetic clearing module
  • Step 2: A course of treatment of Acupuncture &/or Chinese Herbs from one of our other practitioners

Is This The Right Program For Me?

Below is a checklist to help you determine if Martine’s module of our program seems appropriate for your needs.

If any of the following circumstance apply to you then you may well benefit from working with Martine:

  • history of severe trauma(physical/emotional)
  • miscarriages/ abortions
  • present time stress: finances , partner/relationship, family, work….
  • do not respond well to treatment, whether IVF, acupuncture, herbs, naturopathy..
  • the treatment is taking too long
  • multiple IVF attempts
  • suffering anxiety, depression…
  • any underlying fear of pregnancy, labour…

Schedule Of Treatment

Martine’s segment of the program involves two initial sessions over two weeks. Your third session is 1 month later.

After these sessions, if any further are required it is according to each unique persons needs. Martine will also empower you with self help techniques to use at home.

Fees & Availabililty

Martine’s treatment sessions are one hour long ($150). Complex issues usually require more than one session (usually 3-4).

Appointments are scheduled personally through Martine so please email her at or call 0414 878 214.

How To Book An Appointment

Please contact Martine directly for bookings & enquiries 0414 878 214.