Sperm and Egg Health over the Festive Season by Kevin Redmond

Sperm and Egg Health over the Festive Season by Kevin Redmond

The festive season is upon us, a time to let your hair down, enjoy the company of family and friends and perhaps overindulge a little. But DON’T ruin all your hard work during the year especially where sperm and egg health are concerned.

Here are a few things you can do to help improve egg quality and increase sperm motility.

Sperm and Egg Health: The Do’s 

  • Increase your water intake.
  • Consider increasing those antioxidants (CoQ10) to combat our over indulgences.
  • Moderate your alcohol intake – often difficult at this time of the year.
  • Guys maintain your regular vitamins (Mens Fertility formula like MyGen or Menevit, or good quality multi Vit containing Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc and an extra like selenium)
  • Gals don’t forget those pre-conception vitamins containing the good old Folate.
  • Exercise: try to maintain daily exercise, great time of the year to have some quality time together in the outdoors > reducing the stress levels from the working year.
    Avoid smoking.

Remember that alcohol can lower the testosterone levels, reduce sperm quality and quantity.

Smoking can be toxic to sperm (altering DNA) and may reduce uterine blood flow.

Guys and Gals sorry to say but RECREATIONAL DRUGS like cocaine, marijuana and amphetamines are STILL A NO GO ZONE.

The Antioxidant Fusion for Sperm and Egg Health

Fight those free radicals with this super blast.

2 handfuls of butter head lettuce
1 Banana
1 orange
1/2 cup of pineapple
1/2 cup of mango
1/4 cup of almonds

antioxidant drink

Enjoy one of these delicious drinks every day. You’ll reap the benefits on so many levels.

And don’t forget to adopt a holistic approach by taking good care of your physical, mental and emotional health at the same time. They all count and have an impact on sperm and egg health.

Enjoy the Festive Season,

All the best,