Inducing Overdue Labour

Here at House of Fertility & Healing we provide acupuncture treatmenst to assist with labour preparation and labour induction for post-term babies, as well as help you learn about acupressure which can be applied by your birth partner during your labour.

Please bring your hospital card with you to your Acupuncture appointments. This enables us to keep up to date with your recent western medical checkups.

Labour Preparation

We strongly recommend weekly treatment from 35-36 weeks to ripen your cervix, to encourage your baby to engage, to prepare you and your baby for an efficient and stress free labour and to strengthen your body, mind and spirit for an easy post-partum recovery.

These treatments also help with any niggling conditions that may have arisen. We cannot emphasize enough how important these preparatory treatments are!!!

Acupuncture Induction of ‘Overdue’ Labour

This works best when your body is ripe, and bub is in a good position. If your body is not prepared, the chances of Acupuncture bringing on labour are slimmer. It might still work but the results are less predictable.

It is important to start with your preparatory treatments from around 36 weeks. Try not to leave it to the eleventh hour to arrive on our doorstep!

If your baby is overdue, our acupuncture treatments can be used to gently promote your labour. This can be a very effective alternative to being medically induced. It may take up to 36 hours to go into labour after an acupuncture induction, assuming your body is ripe and ready to go.

Pain Relief During Labour

We teach simple, safe and effective pain relief techniques to support you during pre-labour and labour. Designed for you and your birth partner, these techniques can provide pain relief, regulate contractions, ease anxiety, make your birth experience more comfortable and assist you in your recovery.

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