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Sperm and Egg Health over the Festive Season by Kevin Redmond

Sperm and Egg Health over the Festive Season by Kevin Redmond

The festive season is upon us, a time to let your hair down, enjoy the company of family and friends and perhaps overindulge a little. But DON’T ruin all your hard work during the year especially where sperm and egg health are concerned.

Here are a few things you can do to help improve egg quality and increase sperm motility.

Sperm and Egg Health: The Do’s 

  • Increase your water intake.
  • Consider increasing those antioxidants (CoQ10) to combat our over indulgences.
  • Moderate your alcohol intake – often difficult at this time of the year.
  • Guys maintain your regular vitamins (Mens Fertility formula like MyGen or Menevit, or good quality multi Vit containing Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc and an extra like selenium)
  • Gals don’t forget those pre-conception vitamins containing the good old Folate.
  • Exercise: try to maintain daily exercise, great time of the year to have some quality time together in the outdoors > reducing the stress levels from the working year.
    Avoid smoking.

Remember that alcohol can lower the testosterone levels, reduce sperm quality and quantity.

Smoking can be toxic to sperm (altering DNA) and may reduce uterine blood flow.

Guys and Gals sorry to say but RECREATIONAL DRUGS like cocaine, marijuana and amphetamines are STILL A NO GO ZONE.

The Antioxidant Fusion for Sperm and Egg Health

Fight those free radicals with this super blast.

2 handfuls of butter head lettuce
1 Banana
1 orange
1/2 cup of pineapple
1/2 cup of mango
1/4 cup of almonds

antioxidant drink

Enjoy one of these delicious drinks every day. You’ll reap the benefits on so many levels.

And don’t forget to adopt a holistic approach by taking good care of your physical, mental and emotional health at the same time. They all count and have an impact on sperm and egg health.

Enjoy the Festive Season,

All the best,



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10 Simple Ways to Improve Your PCOS Symptoms Quickly

10 Simple Ways to Improve Your PCOS Symptoms Quickly

Do You Have PCOS?

If you do then you are not alone. According to a recent US News article, one in every 10 women has polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, a disorder that is the leading cause of female infertility and a risk factor for diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other life-threatening illnesses.

And yet the crazy thing is that half of all women with PCOS (which works out to be 5% of all women) don’t even know they have the condition and continue to remain undiagnosed.

So if you are one of those women who knows you have PCOS, then hope is not lost!

Here is a list of the 10 things that you can do immediately to improve your PCOS symptoms.


Undoubtedly, the first step is to understand how PCOS affects you directly. Once you know what is happening in your body, you can work out what you need to do about it. Without a benchmark to work from you are literally going in blind – and this makes you much more likely to fall prey to the next fad diet or miracle cure, without the certainty of knowing what your body actually needs.

PCOS can leave women feeling confused and disconnected from their own bodies. Not to mention the fact that there is also so much conflicting information on food, supplements, exercises and medications that can use to get PCOS under control. So how do we know that something is actually right for us?


On the whole, PCOS causes irregularities in a woman’s insulin processing abilities so it’s no surprise that the delicate hormonal balance can be in for a bumpy ride.

Often it’s a double-edged sword – a woman’s body tends to over respond to carbs by releasing too much insulin and her ovaries in tern respond to the insulin by releasing too much testosterone. So, if you can get some control of your insulin levels, you’ll have greater control of your overall PCOS symptoms.


We know that we need to exercise in general is great for our health and overall well being but it’s also crucial for keeping PCOS in check. Even if you aren’t seeing any movement on the scales, there’s no doubt that your metabolic markers and hormones are still benefitting from your efforts and will in turn, help your symptoms improve.


PCOS Symptoms
Public Domain from pixabay

Dietary and lifestyle changes should be the first line of treatment for all women with PCOS. In fact, there is countless evidence to suggest that switching to a PCOS diet and a more active lifestyle can significantly help counter the symptoms of PCOS. I could literally write a book about this topic but there’s just not enough space to do it justice so stay tuned for more diet related blog posts in the future.

Please remember – before you make any drastic changes you should always make sure you consult your doctor or physician. It’s best to be on the safe side.


There are so many supplements available on the market these days, many of which can be very helpful with different aspects of PCOS. Also, women with PCOS tend to be deficient in a number of vitamins and nutrients that they just won’t be able to get enough of in their regular diets. So, supplements are important in addressing some of the underlying deficiencies and issues in PCOS and are an important piece of your PCOS management plan.


PCOS Symptoms
Public Domain from pixabay

Making any kind of change to the way you eat or to your lifestyle can be challenging. If we don’t know why we need to make the changes, it’s much harder to do it. Your ‘why’ is your reason for wanting to be healthier and in control of your body. It could be your children or loved ones that motivate you, or the fact that you just want to feel good about yourself and enjoy all that life has to offer, unhindered by PCOS.

So dig deep and find out what keeps you motivated as your ‘Why’ will no doubt help you to fight the cravings and remind you to take your supplements every morning.


Never underestimate the power of planning. I mean in all honesty, would you go camping without a tent or sleeping bag? It goes without saying then that having a plan is important, whether it be a meal plan, craving plan, snack plan or eating out plan.

It’s when we’re not prepared that we’re more likely to go for convenience and ditch our exercise routine or make unhealthy food choices. So always have a plan at the ready so you don’t end up in the middle of knowhere without a tent!


You know the saying. “No man is an island”? Well, no woman with PCOS can or should do it on her own.

So start building your team of merry supporters so that they can give you the encouragement, advice, love and sometimes tough love when you need it. Just look around and you’ll find all manner of people ready to chip in and lend a hand from our partners, family, friends, medical practitioners or the wider PCOS community.


Dori from Finding Nemo is one of my favourite characters and she said it so well with, “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.” Life has a habit of throwing some real doozies and we all need to step up and try and catch the ball somedays even if it’s coming at us like a freight train.

There are going to be bad days and days when we mess up but it’s so important that we just keep swimming, swimming, swimming in the direction that we ultimately want to go in. Never stop. Never give up. And always remember your why? That’s the reason that you get up and try again every time you fall off the bandwagon.


Public Domain from pixabay

With PCOS, the wins may seem small in comparison to others but they are huge for women with the condition. Having a period? EPIC! Lost 1 kilo or pound? Awesome! Going about your day despite the mood swings or depression? A job well done.

Be real about the struggles you face but equally acknowledge when you’ve done well. We need to be kinder to ourselves and show some love and celebrate the steps forward in the right direction, no matter how big or small they may be.

So, there are 10 ways that you can improve your PCOS symptoms with some of them being very practical whilst others are a bit more on the emotional side. There will always be more to add to the list but this is a good starting point.

Lovingly Curated via PCOS Diet Support

If you are suffering from PCOS then help is at hand. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT to see one of our experienced women’s fertility practitioners at the House of Fertility & Healing to discuss how to alleviate your PCOS symptoms.



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